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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Rules of the IGT e.V. and dates for participation at the contest 'Cake & Bake' in Dortmund March 19th and 20th 2022

I. General Rules

1. Eligible to participate is anyone with the exception of members the jury, board members of the IGT e.V. and the employees of the organizer.

2. The number of participants is not limited for the individual classes. Registration deadline is January 16th 2022 at the latest. Registration will not be eligible afterwards. Transfer of registration to a third party is illicit.

3. A participant can register for a maximum of two classes, each with one exhibit.

4. You are allowed to let a trusted third party deliver or pick up your exhibit, should you be unable to be present at the delivery or collection date. Please authorise this person in written form to receive your pass during the delivery, and if need be your deposit.

5. Each participant must make their exhibit independently and without the help of others.

6. It is not permitted to participate with exhibits, which have already been published before have participated in another competition or have been produced during a course.

7. Should participants participate with exhibits which were already shown as a whole or partially before Saturday, March 19th 2022, in social media, including so-called closed/secret groups, the exhibit will be disqualified and excluded from the competition.

8. Exhibits which do not meet the requirements of the class will be disqualified.

9. The organiser and the jury explicitly reserve the right to move wrongly placed exhibits.

10. The organiser and the jury will ensure that the exhibits are carefully treated to be protected. The participant accepts through their registration that any liability on the part of the organiser and the jury should, however, be forbidden.

11. The jury will move an exhibit with due care, should they be forced to move an exhibit due to organisational reasons. Possible damages by relocation will not influence the evaluation.

12. The exhibit must not be moved or changed after its positioning on the competition table. You must not turn or reposition the exhibit, remove plaques or place advertisement. Changes for photographic purposes are not permitted either. In the event of infringement, the participant risks exclusion from competition or a subsequent disqualification! This also applies if the participant is accompanied by the press.

13. Depending on the class' requirements, the jury is allowed to cut an exhibit. The jury is furthermore

allowed to remove any decorative elements, if need be. The participant agrees by registering.

14. It is strictly forbidden to photograph documents of the jury or lists of the organiser. Recordings of any kind of feedback are also not allowed. Violations will lead to exclusion from the competition. The organiser reserves the right to take further actions.

15. Anonymity

The judges will evaluate your exhibit anonymously. In order to guarantee this, your exhibit must stay anonymous until the results will be made public by the jury.

- Any information you put next to your exhibit (as a requirement or voluntarily) must therefore always be neutral, i.e. without your name or your picture. The carved cake class requires you to take pictures that document the cake's making. You yourself must not be seen on these pictures.

- There must not be displayed any advertisement within the competition area at any time. Violations will result in disqualification, even afterwards.

- Even if you are accompanied by members of the press, it must not be shown which exhibit is yours before the publication of the results.

16. The final decision on all questions concerning assessments and complaints is given by the chairman of the jury and is not contestable.

17. The jury is trained to be respectful and polite towards all participants. We are aware that the result of any evaluation can lead to emotional outbursts of any kind. Nevertheless, we too expect to be treated with respect and an according tone. In case of escalations we reserve the right to disqualify the showpiece. Otherwise the house right of the organizer applies.

18. To be assessed: Overall Impression, Originality / Creativity, Quality of Covering, Techniques Used and Craft Skills

19. By registering for the competition, the participant declares to have read and accepted the "rules of the IGT e.V. and the dates for participation at the 'Cake&Bake' competition".

More rules can be found under "downloads"!


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